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Piemonte boasts an ancient history and has witnessed peoples and reigns follow one another. As a consequence, it has a lot of historical sites, such as royal palaces, castles, churches, abbeys and a considerable quantity of museums, especially in Torino, first capital of Italy, with collections from any historical period.
Such noble achievements mix with a rich linguistic and folk heritage. Through centuries, cooking traditions have preserved their charm and taste and in these last decades, agricultural and cattle-breeding productions have been protected and promoted by private and state-supported institutions with the intention of safeguarding this common property and richness.
Through events which contain oenogastronomy, culture and tourism, FILODERBA, cooperating with QUALITALY, cultural association of touristic and oenogastronomical promotion, intends to promote the territory of Piemonte in Italy and all over the world.
Art, music, history and flolklore frame touristic and oenogastronomical events which are organized abroad and renew the image of ancient Piemonte and its products.


September-October 2005 – Sydney-Melbourne
Promotional event for the land of Piedmont and its products:

CULTURE: concerts of ancient music, dances and traditions; conferences/discussions on ancient and modern natural peoples.

FOOD: typical dinners in chosen restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne with Piemontese menu, promotional desks and selling out of products used in the recipes of the menu; specialized assistants and informative guides.

DISTRIBUTION: promotional desks of oenogastrnomical product from Piemonte in the shops of some Australian large-scale retail trade brands.

TOURISM:promotion of the land of Piemonte for the incoming tourism.


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2005: Australian Event

September - october 2005



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